Our product categories

Every mechanism and specialized hardware you can think of.

Ergonomic Solutions Designed to boost creativity & collaboration
Most popular:

Height adjustable table mechanisms

Solutions for:

Commercial or home office, school & hospital

Inspiring the new workspaces with an extensive selection of products to meet the widest range of specifications. Height adjustable table mechanisms, monitor mounts, wire management, electrical and lighting options, acoustic panels and privacy pods among others.

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Space Saving Solutions Transforming spaces wisely
Most popular:

Wall bed mechanisms

Solutions for:

Condos, hybrid living spaces & hospitality

Creating multifunctional living spaces is now possible with our vertical and horizontal wall bed mechanisms, slat bases and storage systems. Our products encompass sturdiness, durability and comfort.

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Institutional & Hospitality Solutions Durable & sturdy alternatives
Most popular:

Steel frame furniture

Solutions for:

GSA, hotels & healthcare

Compliance and safety are main concerns for these institutions. We provide a wide range of products from specialty bunk beds, seating, medical tables, locker hardware and accessories as well as safety dividers.

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All About Hardware High quality hardware from this century
Most popular:

Any hardware you can think of.

Solutions for:

Assembly, finishing & decorative accents.

Every project needs functional, decorative hardware and finishing touches. From hinges, to slides, handles, legs, casters, edgebanding and more, we offer all the things you may forget.

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The Hardware Rebels’ difference

Don’t see it? It doesn’t mean we don’t have it.

Most of our products are private branding, therefore they may not appear on our website. BUT, we are always developing and sourcing new products and look forward to seeing how we can help.

We are present in

These markets

All markets have one thing in common: us… We thrive on realizing your big projects with you and help you succeed with the quality and requirements that you expect.

Commercial & Home Offices
Electric and pneumatic height adjustable table mechanisms, task lighting, power options and every other component present in a modern office.
Education & Military
Locker accessories, steel frame furniture, bunk beds, seating and more. Working with GSA partners is one of our strengths.
Medical height adjustable table mechanism, non-marking products as well as COVID-19 personal protection are available.
Institutional & Hospitality
Our versatile options like wall bed mechanisms are among the solutions that we offer for hotels and rental properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe our business model differs from standard distributing companies or design firms, but in this case we know being different is good. See below our most often asked questions.

We do not have a catalogue because most of what we do is private branding or very client specific. Contacting us is the best way to get a project going. That way we can better assess your requirements, it’s not because we don’t show it, that we don’t have it. More on the website soon.

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Yes, we do, but we generally do not stock like a traditional distributor. We plan specific and tailored programs with clients in order to best maximize shipping space and optimize production needs.

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Since most of our products are privately branded, having specific matches in colour or finish is already something that we are very familiar with and we have several processes in place to ensure that your requirements will be met before the actual production starts.

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These marketing requirements are addressed on a project basis and instructions are available when necessary. Incorporating your logo on either is not a problem for us! We adapt to the product and propose alternatives and solutions.

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