What makes us rebels?

Already doing consulting and being involved in major projects around the world, we identified a need for a new way to do things. We realized how deep of an impact we could have in multiple industries with our unique blend of skills.

About us

Our mission & values

Our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives through smarter designs, creative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.

No idea is too crazy!

We value all ideas, even to the point of adding a big bell to our offices to celebrate good moves. Creativity is part of our DNA and is present in everything that we do.


We get it done!

Like harmonized gears, both our North American and our international teams are aligned and focused on our priority: YOU. Getting it done is how we roll.


Let us show you!

From streamlined information to interactive tools, we truly believe that communication is the key to our success and that of our business partners.

Our Advantages

What makes us different?

We are NOT simply a distribution company. We are NOT only a design firm. We are NOT just a sourcing company. Discover the difference!

Doing things differently! … Stop looking around, find specialized hardware, design and sourcing all in one place.

Combining the knowledge of a hardware distribution company, the expertise of industrial designers to enrich and ease the design and production processes. Add to that, the understanding of the supply chain, to ensure a flawless execution from start to end.

Commercial buildings, GSA (ie: universities, military bases, schools), hospitals and more. Just some examples of specialized markets we are present in.

Offering market knowledge of commercial & hospitality projects, their standards, regulations, and trends on top of a reliable manufacturing capacity in Asia, Europe, and North America. Our products will meet or exceed your specifications and satisfy even your most demanding customers.

Specialized in a wide array of hardware, our team brings your components and products to life. You bring challenges, we provide ingenious solutions!

Whether you have an in-house design team or not, co-development is the name of the game for us. We dedicate time and resources to making the best version of your product.

From initiation of production to the final destination, we manage everything in between so you don’t need to.

A project with us is one that will be supported and driven from start to finish. We oversee the manufacturing and quality control process as well as packaging, printing, shipping to ensure excellence at every step.

Our Advantages

Why choose Hardware Rebels?

The choice of your business partners directly impacts your company’s success. Choosing Hardware Rebels as a key partner facilitates your projects ensuring a better chance of success.

Reduce in-house design time

Our design team works hand-in-hand with you, at every stage, to push your ideas forward and remain ahead of your competition.

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Technical support for products

Working with us, your technical inquiries will never go unanswered. From inception to final production, our support team is there.

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First-hand access to factories

Communicating daily with our many factories is the key to delivering products efficiently to achieve the quality and specifications that you expect.

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Cost reduction

Improved designs, optimization of raw materials and shipment consolidation are just some of the ways that we can help reduce your costs.

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Our team

North American Team

Dedication and versatility are our trademarks in assisting you in all your project needs, big or small.


Wellness Manager

Leslie Mclean

Supply Chain Coordinator

Carla Berganza

Logistics Coordinator

Marie-Claude Desjardins


Dan Audet


Dominic Gratton

Project Manager







Our team abroad

International team

While the North American team sleeps, our international team works to deliver your projects on time with the quality you expect.

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