Take everything you thought you knew about conventional hardware and kindly throw it out of the window that we provided to you on the left. No, we are not kidding and let us show you why.

Who are we?

Creativity, passion & innovation
all in one!

Surpassing our clients’ expectations is our priority. Our obsession is your obsession, no matter how crazy the idea. In fact, the wilder, the better.

Supercharge your ideas

Our design team is there to turn your projects into reality.

Specialized project support

Count on us, we are in your corner.

Launch your projects in record time

Offering the perfect combination of design, sourcing and logistics.

Sourcing has never been easier

Working from North America to simplify production and distribution processes.

Why choose Hardware Rebels?

Experience is a word overused by many. You will quickly learn that our experience is real, not imagined. Simply put, Rebels get it done!

More about us

What makes us rebels?

Our design strength, deep understanding of the market and manufacturing capabilities make us your most valuable partner.
We offer you:

  • Skilled industrial designers.
  • Extensive knowledge of the industry, products, materials, and challenges.
  • Turnkey solutions to your import-export needs.
  • Benefits of a well-established supply chain.
Our services

What a rebel can do for you?

Working to create and transform your vision to reality and manufacture the best products to help you grow your business and enhance your brand is what we do best.


Industrial design

Streamlined support with our design team working hand-in-hand with yours. Push the boundaries of possibilities.


Sourcing & Manufacturing

Vetted manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia and Europe. Extensively engaged through responsible and ethical supply, from raw materials to finished products.
Quality control processes based on products or requirements.


Logistics & Distribution

Efficient supply chain management from the manufacturing plant to your door.


Project Support

Throughout the entire process, our team is there to assist you with technical documents, drawings as well as after-sales support.


Specialized Services

Branding, packaging, product testing, installation, and training.

What we do

Our products

Typical hardware companies are boring, right? Not us! We, the Rebels, focus on development & co-development of customized products for private branding, special projects & government contracts.

The Rebels

Fun facts

Everyone asks us why we call ourselves Hardware Rebels, would you like to know?… Are you sure?

Find a rebel

Here is where to find your favorite rebel.

Contact us

Product idea or project in mind? Or simply having supply chain problems.

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