Our solutions “raise” workplaces to a new level, by supporting endless formats to meet today’s changing workplace.
Designing components for these challenges requires creativity, flexibility and innovation while bringing key elements to achieve the perfect product for your projects.


Assisting you in all ergonomic solution needs for your project from many models of height adjustable tables to a wide range of accessories is our purpose.

Height Adjustable Mechanisms

Wide range electric, pneumatic and manual solutions.

Types of products:

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 leg frames
  • Benching workstations
  • Special designs

Monitor Mounts

A clean way to increase the workspace area.

Types of products:

  • Support 1 to 4 screens.
  • Data and power options.
  • Various mounting possibilities.

Electrical & Lighting

Complete the work environment with our electrical options.


  • Quick access to data and power
  • Clean & secure workspace
  • Various installation possibilities

Acoustic Panels & Accessories

Designed to improve every aspect of open spaces.

Area of usage:

  • Acoustic walls
  • Privacy dividers
  • Meeting booths
Key Options


Height Adjustable Mechanisms

Click HERE for our Height Adjustable Mechanisms and more.

Monitor Mounts

Click HERE for our Monitor Mounts and more.

Electrical and Lighting

Click HERE for our Electrical and Lighting solutions.

Acoustic Panels & Accessories

Click HERE for our acoustic panels and accessories.


Energize the workspace

Wherever the workstation may be, it’s crucial more than ever to be comfortable as well as efficient.

The benefits of ergonomic workspaces are many. Switching between standing and sitting has been shown to elevate productivity, allow for more focused employees as well as alleviate back pain, muscle stiffness and improve blood flow. It’s not a nice-to-have anymore, it’s a must.

Enhance the workspace

Ergonomics is so much more than sitting or standing.

We offer several products to improve posture and efficiency like monitor mounts, wire management, lighting and privacy options. They are perfect ways to complete an environment focused on the users.

Our Products


Space Saving Solutions

Creating multifunctional living spaces is now possible with our vertical and horizontal wall bed mechanisms, slat bases and storage systems. Our products encompass sturdiness, durability and comfort.

Institutional & Hospitality Solutions

Compliance and safety are main concerns for these institutions. We provide a wide range of products from specialty bunk beds, seating, medical tables, locker hardware and accessories as well as safety dividers.

All About Hardware

Every project needs functional, decorative hardware and finishing touches. From hinges, to slides, handles, legs, casters, edgebanding and more, we offer all the things you may forget.

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